After Googling “How to start a blog” I found a blog explaining the process. Apparently If I start with an interesting statistic I will grab your attention immediately.



Here goes…



Studies show that 100% of SIFD Deputy Chiefs make poor writers. You’re welcome.



Now that I’ve got you hooked we can get down to business. I’m a fan of progression as long as the result is worth the cost. All too often people look for projects instead of problems. Getting wrapped up in a project and being blind to the existing and created problems can be destructive. I’ve seen good intentions ruin an organization and actual property. Two steps forward and three steps back is not the kind of progression I like.

SIFD has many projects that will come to fruition in the next year or two. Our list of projects has been derived from problems encountered over many years. Some changes will happen in 3-ring binders in the Chief’s office, while others will hopefully happen in your home. SIFD will be a stronger and better trained department, in a community that is safer and better informed.

We will be asking for your help. If all you can give is a few minutes here and there to watch a video we post or read an article we share, we ask that you do just that. We will be asking some of you for more time and effort than that but nothing you can’t handle. We are a small town. Mutual aid is a long way away. We can be self-sufficient.


I guess it’s my job, as the first blog poster person…thing, to introduce someone we’ve hauled in to help us grow. Gideon Davidson has come to us through the Island Institute’s Fellows Program. You’ll see more and more of him. He fits in with SIFD and the Ambulance Service. He has a desire to move forward, to progress. Thankfully he wants us to as well. He’s open minded, absorbs information and asks the right questions. Gideon is a much better writer and, therefore, will be using this blog more than I will. Please support him. He is supporting us.


Deputy Chief Kenny LeMoine

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